mercredi 31 décembre 2008

31/12: POTD -1! Resolutions!

My first picture is up! It is a picture of a new day that arises, the last one of the year. 2008 is almost behind us, we’re going into 2009 and guess what, I still haven’t met any extra terrestrials :-O The “new” millennium definitely doesn’t live up to the expectations!

Looking back at the year 2008, even though some great things happened such as moving to this beautiful area in the South West of France, 2008 has been the worst year of my life with loosing my sweet mother in May. I’m glad to go into a new year, even though that won’t change a thing!
It’s time for some resolutions, of course. OK, there is still the goal of loosing the few kilos I have too much, I still blame it on my son although he’s 4 now and I really should start blaming it on myself ;-) But this year I only set “creative” goals, skill developing goals! Here we go!

Photography – I just bought myself a Nikon D60 DSLR (Reflex) camera and my first goal would definitely be to learn to get the best use out of it, using manual (or at least semi-manual) mode! In order to achieve this, I read a lot (I love reading) but I do realise that practice will be the best way to get there. I therefore plan on doing the POTD challenge on Two Peas Photography (cf. post before), which will “force” me to practice every day! At the same time, I hope to learn how to use Photoshop Elements to get the most of my pictures!

Scrapbooking – Last years goal was to make 104 layouts in the year (2 a week!) but I didn’t make it, I came to a (sad) total of 63!!! But, having moved houses and having had all my scrapbook things in a box for 3 months, I am not surprised about that! For 2009, I set my goal on a little less, because I hope to spend time on Photography too ;-) Up till yesterday I thought I’d set my goal on 1,5 layouts a week average, for a total of 78, but this morning I revised my goal and I’ll put my scrapbook thicker on 52 layouts because I also plan on making quite some mini-albums (Richard gave me the bind it all for Christmas!!!). I plan on doing a challenge a week (which means a layout a week) on some of my favourite challenge blogs!

Scrapbook related – ATC holder! I bought myself an ATC holder earlier this year, it is still in the box. I plan on filling the holder with ATCs (surprise) that show my children in 2009. I basically plan on taking one picture a day of them (at least), either the two together or only one of them, and on the ATCs I want to document their year. I’m not setting the goal of making one ATC a day, I’ll probably do loads of them every once in a while ;-) but I really am gonna try to keep up with this!

Well, that would be about it. I do have to clean my house once in a while, and I do have a job to go to!!! Having said that, I do realise that these goals might be a little optimistic, because it does involve daily photography and daily blogging :-O but I’ll try!! See you next year!!

PS I love comments ;-)

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Bobbi a dit…

Yay for joining the POTD it is so much fun and really does force you to use your camera. I am sorry about your mother, I hope this year brings you so much happinesss.

Love the colors of the sky here!

Reds a dit…

Welcome to the POTD! Glad you decided to join! Great resolutions for the new year! Beautiful sky - is it a view from your home?

pat a dit…

Welsome to POTD! I look forward to seeing your part of the world. Beautiful scene you've shared, and great resolutions.

shirley a dit…

Lovely picture. I'm also taking a photo a day in 09. Congrats on the new camera - putting it to good use already!

Angela2932 a dit…

Welcome to POTD and I'm really excited that you're joining! I can't wait to hear more about France! Your photo has beautiful lighting in it. . . is that a lake in the background? Given your goals, have you also thought about following the 2peas "12 weeks" threads/articles with the 12 lessons teaching you more about your camera? I have the Nikon d40 and love it!

Chell a dit…

welcome to POTD. I look forward to seeing what you share in the coming year. good luck with all your 2009 goals. Love the color of the sky in your picture!!

Becca a dit…

I'm glad you're joing POTD...I'm a first timer too. Looking forward to seeing some more lovely photos from France. :)

YA a dit…

Yeah another to POTD!

That pathway looks mystical something from a fantasy story