samedi 14 février 2009

First flowers of the year!

In our garden, that is. Here are some tiny little flowers we discovered in the garden yesterday, and the tulips are coming up too! That's the only sign of spring, temperatures are definately not showing any sign of spring here!! I don't think I've ever before been sooo longing for spring, but this winter is long! I cherish the little cuties that made my day yesterday, even though I'm afraid for their survival, with the temperatures we're having...
I've been absent from POTD for a long week, no real excuse other than just no time to blog and no time to take photos! Glad to be back though :) TFL

samedi 7 février 2009

Home Sweet Home tome II- objects

What makes a home a sweet one? I'm obviously talking about the weekly theme on Two Peas here, cf. my last post. I haven't been able to post every day this last week, mea culpa, so I'll try to make up for that in this post with four pictures.

I've been playing around with my 50mm 1.8 lens, which is absolutely beautiful if you have autofocus on it, which I haven't, not with my D60 :-O It is still a beautiful lense, just not very easy to use. I have figured some things out, the lower the aperture (1.8 - I love it!), the more difficult it is. I'm not actually sure that is true, but for me, the results are better with a f11! Basically, when using 1.8, I focus on something and EVERYTHING around it is blurry, but really EVERYTHING. So while writing this I do realise this probably has nothing to do with the autofocus or the not having autofocus, but simply with Bokeh :-D I could now just erase my wrong theory about autofocus being related to aperture, but I leave it, you never know, some pea might tell me that there is some (little) truth in it? Well, anyway... back to my pictures. I have tried to capture a few objects that make my home my home.

These are two "statues" (they are flat, well, as you can see) on our chimney, DH brought them home from Africa (before my time!), I really like these. But what actually makes my home a sweet home is defenately the chimney that you actually don't see in the picture. I like our clock too ;-)

This is my favorite candle holder, we change the candles with the season (sometimes), these are Autumn colors (we're behind), for christmas we sometimes put in red once, I love this candle holder! The painting above it is actually tissue, my parents brought this back from Indonesia and don't have space left in their house, so they gave it to me.

This is my all time favorite painting, painted by my mom, who died last May so this is even more valuable for me. I sooo love the colors of these flowers, and I am so happy to always, always have yellow flowers in my living room, whether it be in winter or in summer! I couldn't imagine my home without these flowers!

And last but not least Naomi's slippers. I shot a picture of them for this theme simply because I cannot have a home without slippers, and mine are really too ugly to show here!

Thanks for looking!

mercredi 4 février 2009

Our home sweet home!

I'm on theme! Wowwww :-) This weeks theme on TwoPeas is "home sweet home" and there are a million things to take pictures of for this, but I chose to actually shoot the home itself. IN its surroundings. OK, I admit, I am just showing of our beautiful BLUE sky, it is february but looks like summer! (a little cold for summer, but still...) I promise this picture was taken today!! Our home sweet home is the one under the arrow, obviously :-)

This beautiful weather, that I have been longing for for quite a while, IS actually showing me that having light doesn't actually mean that good photography is easier! Shadows, overexposure, silhouettes (that were not meant to be)... got them all! Wow, the sun will allow me to learn so much!

dimanche 1 février 2009


My contribution for today is a picture of the fog! Can't see much on it :-O It's the view from my garden, like this on quite a lot of days lately!! I really don't like fog, it is so hard to drive in and it kind of gives me a very lonely feeling. I do like this tree, it has such a standard tree form, just like how we used to (try to) draw trees (I don't draw anymore!)
Thanks for looking!!