mercredi 4 février 2009

Our home sweet home!

I'm on theme! Wowwww :-) This weeks theme on TwoPeas is "home sweet home" and there are a million things to take pictures of for this, but I chose to actually shoot the home itself. IN its surroundings. OK, I admit, I am just showing of our beautiful BLUE sky, it is february but looks like summer! (a little cold for summer, but still...) I promise this picture was taken today!! Our home sweet home is the one under the arrow, obviously :-)

This beautiful weather, that I have been longing for for quite a while, IS actually showing me that having light doesn't actually mean that good photography is easier! Shadows, overexposure, silhouettes (that were not meant to be)... got them all! Wow, the sun will allow me to learn so much!

5 commentaires:

shirley a dit…

Lovely day! I think your picture is nice, even with the direct light, and you are right, it is a challenge!

Gypsy Girl a dit…

Nice shot and what a great blue sky.

Becky a dit…

Looks like a lovely neighborhood!

Bobbi a dit…

I like the light in this picture, send some nice weather to me ;)

Amy a dit…

That is a brilliant blue sky! Looks like you live in a nice neighborhood. :)