dimanche 11 janvier 2009

January 12 - a walk with my son

The weather was nice this weekend, a little cold but sunny with beautiful blue skies. I went for a walk in our little village with my son. I, of course, took my camera and my four year old told me that I was reaaallly annoying him with my photos! A little later, at home, he told me he wanted to go outside and that I could take as much photos as I wanted, which was bribery to just get me outside so that he could ride his bike! No way, the sun had gone and it was freezing cold.

Just one simple picture of my sun during our walk, to show you my environment in wintertime!

7 commentaires:

Nnairda's a dit…

It's a beautiful town! Too funny about your son. He's already tired of the camera.

I want to try the Bokeh technique. It's funny how I instinctively saw it in you picture without even knowing.

You are really becoming a good photographer.


Mom2Drew a dit…

You've still got green grass? I like how you can see the scale of the area with you son being so small in the frame and the rest, large and vast.

Mandy a dit…

WOW...I love the blue of the sky. Unreal.

Cari a dit…

It looks like a great place for a walk. He is so cute! I often have to bribe my kids for photos!

CindyTykie a dit…

Great job!

tracie a dit…

Very nice! I love the perspective in this shot.

shirley a dit…

I love the perspective of the road - and funny about your DS.
I don't know what size you are posting in, but it would be nice to be able to see your pictures a little bigger :-)