vendredi 23 janvier 2009


This weeks theme for the Photography challenge on Two Peas is Technology. After numerous photos of really no interest I came up with the following, which is obviously not really what the theme is meant to be about! But, once upon a time, this has been technology too :-)
We don't have a doorbell. We are still in the "knock knock who's there?" era! Every now and then, I hear this knocking that is really loud and very true, we actually don't need a bell, when we have this:
We also have another bell, which is barely used. It is a bell bought in a tourist shop in Amsterdam, one of those things you don't even look at when you walk around in your own country, even laugh at, but once you live "abroad", you suddenly like these typical things! I am from Holland and bought this when we had our first house in France with my French husband. And remember, once upun a time this was high technology. Well, yes, I know I'm totally off topice, but I actually like my pictures! The first is taken with my 18-55 lens:
And this is the same bell, taken with my new 50mm lens, I am quite proud of the (manual) focus, what do you think?Thanks for looking! It's Saturday, so hopefully lots of time and opportunity for photos today, even though the weather is BAD, lots, lots and lots of rain! Well, I'll just try to make the most of it!

5 commentaires:

Diana a dit…

I really like your door bell, and its very unique having a knock knock bell instead of a regular ding dong bell

Reds a dit…

That is one beautiful bell! Great choices for the technology challenge! :)

Jess a dit…

You are so right- even things that are "outdated" now were once on the cutting edge of technology! GREAT shots, love that bell!

Cindi Koceich a dit…

I think it's great that you don't have a doorbell. The knocker seems much more romatic!!

andrea blair | photography a dit…

I love the doorbell shots!